Friday, November 25, 2016

Great Vic bike ride

 I'm off on Saturday for my 2nd great Vic adventure!
 what more could a woman want?  hahah...   the hardest choice i have is what to wear each day.
Its all about me...... no one else to worry about for 9 days!  and I get to ride every day!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Around the bay in a day... coming right up.

 Its that time of year!  magpies swooping, daylight savings, ... and Around the bay in a DAY!!

This year we have a new target.  160km. Rosebud and return to Alexandra gardens. Just under a year ago I had my accident which took me off my bike for over 10 weeks.  With help from my friends, a physio and my own rehab at the local pool I was back on my bike for christmas day.

I have been working my way back, increasing my distances.  I did a 150km ride to Lancefield in winter.. man that was chilly.

Sunday is looking rather windy... and unfortunately its not going to be a tailwind home.  80km of resistance training!

I got my jersey, Im part of Tribal cycling team... a ladies group that I have ridden with a few times.  Just got to decide on which socks to rock.

Have been doing some work on the froglets quilt... only a few more long seams to go.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Odd socks and birthdays

So I recently celebrated a bit of a mile stone.  I turned 50!  EEEKKK... funny thing is I still feel like I'm in my 20's  I guess I act like it too sometimes.

So I had a quiet day, had lunch with some friends and family and then had another small dinner with some family and friends at a new local Vietnamese place which was really good.

I went for a cheeky ride the other day, the sun was out so I didn't put long legs on.... was able to wear my new velosocks.

 I received some lovely gifts.... here is my new teapot and cup.... I sat outside with the beasties and enjoyed a cuppa.

 The fisherman/mamil bought me some new wheels.  For the non cyclists out there.. these ARE the bomb!   I'm really happy with them and he did a great job to surprise me.

my quilting buddies surprised me even more, they had bought me a gift voucher from my local bike shop.  Then the shop had a sale!  I scored big time with shoes, sunnies and new knicks.
Some of you have figured out that I often can be seen with odd socks on.  The noisy one bought a heap of new nail polish.. I couldn't decide on a colour!And finally from the vegie patch... a MASSIVE cauliflower, modelled here by the froglet!

Friday, July 22, 2016

holiday time

 I have been sewing.... here's another splendid block.  I'm hoping that I might actually do abit more sewing and maybe take some photos and post a few things here in the next 3 weeks as I am on annual leave YAY!
 Last Saturday the fisherman/mamil did an epic ride.... he rode 200km  yes you read correctly he did 200km.  It took him a very respectable 10.5hrs of riding time.. he rode up to Yea and then back down through Broadford and back home.  I'm very proud of his achievements as a cyclist, we are now both working our way forward to our next big rides later in the year for around the bay in a day.  He is going to do the 250km and I'm doing the 160km to Rosebud and return.
Here's my newest socks from Italy!  the Froglet brought them home for me. We are going up to Brisvegas in a few weeks to set up the apartment for when her soldier boy returns home in a few weeks time.

The noisy one is on her first placement in aged care, she seems to be enjoying doing 'nursing' rather than reading about it.

I'm also about to join the 50 club!  eekkkkk.  

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sewing some blocks

 I have been sewing in between my riding!  I'm doing the splendid sampler.... I wasn't going to as I really don't need another project but after looking at other peoples blocks and seeing colours I saw a chance to use my black and white collection.... I have also thrown in some colour.  I made a mistake on the above block... thus a few extra flying geese.
 This is the quilt shop.... have to do some embroidery.
 And the friendship block.  I haven't tackled the paper piecing yet....
 Now I didn't do this event.... this is called cyclocross.  For those who don't know what it is, its basically cross country on a bike!  you get to have fun in the mud and tackle obstacles and a massive hill.
 A few people I know did the course and made it look really easy, but I know its not.
 It was mothers day a few weeks back... the noisy one made me some yummy pancakes for my dinner.  I also got some beautiful flowers from the froglet, who is in Italy at the moment with her soldier boy.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

riding, sewing and a long weekend

 been awhile!  Ive been busy riding.  Did Lake Mountain 113km ride about a month ago.  Rode around King Lake a few weeks ago, was bit over 90km from memory... then last Sunday I took part in the first ever women's only ride.  We were blessed with excellent weather and had the most amazing route.  We rode from Wandin cherry farm through the 1 in 20  which is from the basin to Sassafrass... then through to Monbulk.... I rode past Mrs Martins!  I wanted to stop and take a photo but was on a time line!

I know that many locals were not happy about the event due to the road closures, I was very surprised at the amount of closures that we had (I was not upset personally, it was great having no cars up my butt).  The event went so well and we didn't want for anything,  we had challenging hills and the last 25kms were the hardest of the entire 100km event.

Tomorrow we are off to Euroa for ride the ranges..... my bestie and I did this last year, but only did the 85km route.... tomorrow we tackle the 130km... and we are taking with us another 8 people!!
 Sewing wise?  I have been doing the noisy ones best friends 18th quilt... she loves capt America so this is the back.  and theres the front below......
 I have also been doing the splendid sampler..... I am well behind in my blocks.... thought i would get some done today... nope.  Ended up going to a cat adoption day (oh my I nearly came home with 2 more beautiful kitties!) and then to westies to spend more of my money and not on me!
We are having a long weekend down under.  This is for our ANZAC day.  The froglet and I went to the spirit of ANZAC earlier in the year.  She is going to the dawn service at our nearby Army barracks on Monday as she has a pass to get into the base due to the boyfriend.

I usually ride and think about those who have served our country and those still protecting us.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

new projects

 so my vegie garden is growing.... and the fisherman is going to extend it!
 We have harvested all our lettuce and have planted some more.  along with leeks, cauliflower, broccoli and Asian greens. We actually have had to plant some of them in our regular garden beds!
 I have a new project.  The noisy ones bestie is turning 18.... what to give her?  A quilt of course!
 She loves captain America so she is getting that on the back... but she likes purples, greens and black.  I found this jelly roll when I was in Queensland it fit the bill perfectly.
 Lil decided to make herself at home on my material.... cats like doing that.
 So I sewed the strips together and then cut them as you do......
This gives you an idea of whats coming......  I hoping it looks as good as its supposed to!